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Groups legend 1.0
Eine neue Erweiterung wurde veröffentlicht: Groups legend 1.0

Zitat:Groups Legend 1.0

Displaying a colored legend for all the groups in the index page

Upload legend.php to ./inc/plugins
Go to Admin CP > Board Settings > Plug-in Manager > Activate

  • Colored legend for groups
  • Links leading to a list of all members of a certain group
  • Easy activate / deactivate.

A row containing all the groups, colored depending on their setting, and each has a link that lead to a full list of all the members will appear below who’s online in the index page.

Possible problems that you might face are mainly 2
1.Case you had modified any of the Board Statistics rows, by adding a new column to it, you might face something like an incomplete row or huge gaps to the right side, that’s due to the existing to 2 columns to fix that, you will need to add colspan=”2” to the legend rows.
2.The mod never appeared, this means the plug-in wasn’t able to find the coded needed to be replace in the index_whosonline template, so you might need to add it manually, the code is

<td class=\"tcat\">Group Legend</td></tr>
<tr> <td class=\"trow1\" >$legend_disp</td></tr>

There is only the “GROUP LEGEND” key word that has to be translated, and that can be done by editing index_whosonline template.

[Bild: http://i3.tinypic.com/15hfwjs.jpg]

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