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Search Log
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Zitat:This plugin adds away to view keywords of what users have searched in the Admin CP. The log can be found alongside of the other board logs under the 'Tools & Maintenance' section.

Why I Made The Plugin
I was looking for a search log plugin when I came accros one on MyBB Central (https://www.mybbcentral.com/thread-2311.html) by labrocca for a older version of MyBB but I was unable to download it because you can no longer register for an account on MyBB Central so I spent an hour searching Google to see if I can find a download because I believe he released all his plugins for free so I was hoping for a download but couldn't find one. Then I forgot MyBB actively logs the searchs already in the searchlog table so I just needed a admin view to view the log from the Admin CP and it was as simple as that. Shoutout to labrocca for the original plugin idea.

How To Install (files in "Upload" folder)

  1. Upload /inc/plugins/searchlog.php to /inc/plugins on your forum.

  2. Upload /admin/modules/tools/searchlog.php to /admin/modules/tools on your forum.

  3. Go to your Admin CP and plugins.

  4. Activate the Search Log plugin.

Note: MyBB tasks system will regularly clear the searchlog table so if your results are empty this may be the reason.