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Zitat:CloudBoard is a plugin that introduces a number of features to MyBB. It also includes its own tab with logs so you always know who modified the item!
  • Forum style - Modern bright style including responsive version.

  • Menus - manageable with a tab in ACP - no more digging around in code to add a new link!

  • Forum Team - Widget to display a list of selected forum team members and contact them in a prominent place.

  • Recent Posts and Topics - Displays recently written posts and topics - a modification already known from another plugin.

  • Top Users Statistics - Displays the statistics of users on with the possibility of sorting by 7 days, 31 days and year.

Plugin is currently in beta phase, this means that it is usable, but may have minor bugs.
  • Things that will be added in future versions:

  • Redesigned profile.

  • User cards visible when hovered over.

  • Online users - modeled on ipb.

  • Users with the most shouts - also modeled on ipb.

Got an idea? Suggest it here: Discord.gg/3YKP7tYrXw
Eine neue Version wurde veröffentlicht: CloudBoard 0.5.2b