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Additional Usergroups on Profiles
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Zitat:Coded originally from cfillion for 1.6. All rights belong to him.

A simple plugin that will add a list of all additional usergroups on users profiles.

You can choose to:

• Display Both Image & Title
• Only Group Image
• Or Only Group Title

You can also select usergroups that you do not want displayed.

PLEASE NOTE: This will not display the additional usergroups on your postbit. If you're looking for ones that do, I recommend trying these:
OUGC Additional Usergroup Images
Multiple Usergroup Images on Postbit/Profile

Upload the "additionalgroups.php" file to your inc -> plugins directory and then activate from the Admin CP.

As stated above, this was originally a code for 1.6. I only made the plugin file compatible for 1.8. Down the line I'm planning to put some more work into it.
Hope it comes to use for any of you guys!
Eine neue Version wurde veröffentlicht: Additional Usergroups on Profiles 1.2.2

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