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Zitat:Flyover is a plugin which lets your users register and login with over 20 different social networks and providers. It authenticates users loading just the necessary files, avoiding unuseful stuff and being as much neat as possible: it acts as a mediator between your board and external sites offering login capabilities.

Compatible providers
Flyover is currently capable of full integration with BitBucket, Discord, Disqus, Dribbble, Facebook, Foursquare, GitHub, GitLab, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Mailru, Odnoklassniki, Spotify, StackExchange, Steam, Tumblr, TwitchTV, Twitter, Vkontakte, WeChat, WindowsLive (Microsoft), WordPress, Yahoo and Yandex.

Minimum requirements
PHP 7.1
MyBB 1.6 or 1.8, all minor versions included. MyBB 1.6 should be theoretically supported, but no support is given for this version

To install and configure Flyover, read Flyover documentation

Powered by HybridAuth
Flyover relies on an open source project, HybridAuth, to communicate with external sites. The current version is powered by HybridAuth 3.3. HybridAuth serves as a secure and powerful communication layer between your board and each providers' website. Most if not all providers use OAuth 2.0 to authenticate users.

Hashed IDs
In order to ensure the highest level of privacy, users identifiers coming from every providers are hashed. You don't need to worry in case someone steals a database dump, your users are always safe and no one gets to know the user's social identity (unless they have synchronized easily identifiable data).

PM on registration
You can specify and fully customize a private message which will be delivered to the user upon registering. Several customization options are available.

Register without a password
Flyover is capable of registering users without the need for them to specify a password. This is available as an option, and it's disabled by default.

Multiple accounts
Your users can link multiple accounts to the same provider, and choose to login with whatever account they want.

High customization
Several customizations are available to enhance and personalize your experience with Flyover. Synchronization options with up to 10 data points collected during every login, while post-registration usergroup and full templates and stylesheets support are included. You can always specify provider-specific settings that will override the general configuration, including custom profile fields.