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MyTabs By EthanD & Fatal Messiah
Eine neue Erweiterung wurde veröffentlicht: MyTabs By EthanD & Fatal Messiah

Zitat:this plugin belongs to EthanD 
and i have updated it so it works for the latest forums update 

Features list:

- Javascript support (switch tabs automatically if you have javascript enabled), works without javascript, too (links are "?tab={$id}")
- Customize tab templates (this is built-in using mybb's code editor, and editable via the tab settings. see attached images)
- Users can select default tab via 'User CP'
- Hide tab(s)
- Order tabs (lower number = farther left)
- Set a global default tab
- Editing/Deleting tabs
- Enable/Disabling (this is in the plugin, don't use mybb's activate/deactivate unless you want to risk losing your set tabs)

Fixed More Bugs works well with latest version of MyBB
Eine neue Version wurde veröffentlicht: MyTabs By EthanD & Fatal Messiah 1.33

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