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Minimalist Colored Group Rank Images
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Zitat:Hello Everyone! I'm proud to present to you my new simple custom rank/group image inspired by the latest modern buttons and with a touch of minimalist style. Minimalist Colored Group Rank Images was made using Photoshop software, looks great for any kind of theme and you can freely customize it for your forum. Hope you guys enjoy and make awesome stuff with it. 

Please don't forget to share! it means a lot to me!

Group Image Package
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Download Included
  • PSD of group images

  • PNG of group images

Message me on the MyBB Community - link
Contact me on my Blog - link

My Other Group Images
For more rank/group images visit my blog - link

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If you find any joy and value in what I do, please consider giving whatever you feel is appropriate, 
between a cup of coffee and a good snack. - link


Optimized Version By pg001 (1KB each) Download Here.

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