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Ad Randomizer System (Reborn)
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Zitat:Updated as per request: https://community.mybb.com/thread-222201.html *also fully localized

Ad Randomizer System

This system displays an ad the bottom of your forum, and rotates through a list of ads

Version: 5.0.3

Author: nitemare & updated by Vintagedaddyo

Submitted: 16th September 2007

Last Updated: 9th March 2019

This ads will display a banner on your forum, at random, from a mysql database table.


-1.8.* compatible

-Fully automated(no modifying files required)

-Add/edit/delete/disable features

-displays a random banner from the database in the forum footer

-displays all the banners in the banneradmin

-set a maximum number of views, after that number the banner will expire, or set it for infinate views

-you can disable a banner so it will not be displayed

-very nifty admin panel

* current completed localization support

- english
- englishgb
- espanol
- french
- italiano
- nederlands * tranlsation by wageral


-add further multi-language support




1. place the file Ads.php in to your plugin folder (/inc/plugins/)

2. Install the plugin

-if you have put a banner in the rotar, you should see it, if not, make sure {$banner} was added to the footer template

-if you don't have a banner you won't see a change.

that should be all there is

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