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Zitat:##### About Tinyslideshow 2.1 Plugin by MrBrechreiz & Vintagedaddyo #####

With this little plugin, a small but nice slideshow can be integrated into your MyBB.

All you have to do is upload all the folders, including the contents (keep folder structure) to your root, where the MyBB is located.

Go to the ACP -> Configuration -> Plugins -> and install the "Tinyslideshow".

If installed, please click into the configuration -> tinyslideshow settings and make the necessary settings.

Click on "Tinyslideshow" on the left side to upload pictures for the slideshow and their links to posts or other websites.

The review also shows how many times a picture was clicked. Furthermore one can deactivate there also single pictures and or activate.


There are two ways to set the images for the slideshow.

1) In the plugin itself, line 92 width = \ "518 \" height = \ "215 \" (ONLY if the plugin is not yet installed and activated !!)

2) In the Global Templates -> list_tinylideshow, width = "518" height = "215" (ONLY if the plugin has already been installed and activated !!)

If possible, the image sizes should be identical, as all images are reduced or enlarged to the set size, which does not look good if the images are too small and / or too large.

Now I wish a lot of fun with my revised version. :p

MfG MrBrechreiz & updated, modified and translated by Vintagedaddyo*

* Updated to version 2.1 for MyBB 1.8.x usage and further modified and translated by Vintagedaddyo

Further localization support:

- english
- englishgb
- espanol
- french
- italiano