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Group Post CSS
Eine neue Erweiterung wurde veröffentlicht: Group Post CSS

Zitat:Group Post CSS
Allows you to add custom CSS for each groups posts.

When you edit the group, under the miscellaneous tab there will be an option to set the Postbit Info CSS (The user information at left in classic, top in regular) and message (the rest of the post). You can set CSS for the usergroup to have their posts displayed differently (E.G. background: #ffffff !important; ) *you must use ( !important; to overwrite any existing styling). All posts by this usergroup will be displayed with this css.

Previously for MyBB 1.2.x & MyBB 1.4.x

Version: 2.1
Author: Jammerx2
Submitted: 2nd January 2010

Now updated to work with MyBB 1.8.x by: Vintagedaddyo!

Version: 2.2
Author: Vintagedaddyo
Submitted: 7th March 2018

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