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2 Factor Authentication
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Zitat:This plugin allows users to use Google Authenticator to add a second level of security to their accounts. This is a great way for people to make sure that if their password is cracked that they still have a security measure in effect to stop a further breach.

This plugin was originally created by Jones H of the MyBB Community forums, he has not worked on a new build in some time and this plugin had some minor bugs. I have since searched for all the bugs and fixed all that I am aware of.

You can view the full change log here - link

Support us and get help
- If you come across issues please report them to the bug tracker.
- Any suggestions are appreciated and can be submitted for review.
- If you encounter general problems we'll support you with ease.
- If you like the theme please give it a star to show your support.

An official release from the team at MyBB Hub.
The official Github project - link

Contact Me
Message me on the MyBB Community - link
Send me a Tweet on Twitter - link
Add me on Discord: Nasyr#1749
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