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MyDevel: Generate
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Zitat:MyDevel: Generate
Generate users, threads and posts for development purposes.
Authors: Aries-Belgium, Vintagedaddyo
Submitted: 30th October 2010
Last Updated: 22nd December 2010 *

* Updated by: Vintagedaddyo on 11/25/2016

This plugin is for development purposes only so I wouldn't recommend using this on a live site.

This plugin generates random content and users to use during the development process of a plugin or theme instead of creating dummy content and users by hand.

- configurable amount
- configurable random group per user
- random avatar per user
- standard password: devel123

- configurable amount
- configurable random forum or sub-forum
- random user per thread
- random post icon per thread

- configurable amount
- configurable random forum or sub-forum
- random user per post
- random post icon per post

Version 1.1
 - The plugin can now be used by all the administrators and not only the user with user id #1
 - Added more words to the dictionary
 - Optimized random seeder
 - Code clean up

Compatibility: 1.6.*, 1.8*

Version 1.2
— admincp submenu "is missing" issue fixed in plugin file
— basic updated version compatibility to 18* in plugin file
— added Upload/inc/plugins folder in distribution package
— added documentation folder in distribution package
— added license text to documentation folder
— added plugin info to documentation folder add info for example like: "The password for all generated users is: devel123"
— Updated changelog to reflect 1.2 basic update
— repackaged
— after finding on github.., added Omars changes
— Updated package to add old_plugin_files folder in Documentation keeping track of minor file changes
— repackaged
— Updated package to add images/avatars folder from 1.6.x
— repackaged

* Just a rather basic update that appears to at least be working for my basic needs..., so I figured why not share it
* noticed after the fact that Omar had made some changes as well..., so updated to add those as well...,

Version 1.3

*Minor Code changes

Further Localization support:

Eine neue Version wurde veröffentlicht: MyDevel: Generate 1.3

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