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Attachment Downloads Limit Per Day
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Zitat:Limit Attachments Downloads Per Day

Allows You To Set A Maximum Attachments Downloads Per Day For UserGroups

Author: Mohammad-Za
Submitted: 8th July 2011
Last Updated: 12th July 2011

Updated 10-22-2016, 05:46 AM * Fixed for 1.8 & fixed to not drop the rest of misc box by: vintagedaddyo

** Due to a few users complaining about the issue of it blocking out the ability to view the  memberlist in frontend or the rest of the misc box items in acp..., I quickly updated it to help those users....

It helps you to set a maximum number of downloading attachments per day for all of your UserGroups.

It doesn't count viewing thumbnails, only the attached files (Except thumbnail images) but when a user reaches the maximum limit it won't let the thumbnails to be shown!

Activation :
1- Upload inc/plugins/at_limit.php
2- Upload inc/languages/at_limit.lang.php
3- Upload inc/languages/admin/at_limit.lang.php
4- Acp --> Plugins --> Limit Attachments Downloads Per Day --> Activate
5- Acp --> Users&Groups --> Groups --> Specified Group --> Miscellaneous (Tab) --> (Last Option) Attachments Download Limit:

Note: Default limit is 5 attachments per day.

- Acp --> Plugins --> Limit Attachments Downloads Per Day --> DeActivate

- You can also delete it files from server.
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