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SPAM blocker & auto ban
Eine neue Erweiterung wurde veröffentlicht: SPAM blocker & auto ban

A plugin to prevent automated bots for spamming your site. You can set specific words or phrases to trigger an instant ban and/or a post block to prevent SPAM.

Ban words/phrases => Here you setup the words/phrases you would like to check for an instant ban separated by comma ","
Max posts => Checks will only be applied for users with less than this amount of posts. This settings is to reduce false-positives. 99% of spammers are new members
Ban reason => The ban reason when a ban is triggered by the plugin
Action => You can choose between blocking post/thread and/or banning the user
Ajax error => Here you can write a custom error message the user will get after being blocked replying a thread

Custom error page
There is a custom template shown when block is triggered. You can find it at "global templates" by the name "spam_block_auto_ban_error_page".

labrocca - The idea of the plugin
metulburr - The plugin requester, suggested some improvements, helped with testing.

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