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MyBB SafeLink
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  • Replaces the links in every thread and post on your forum with a link to your SafeLink page instead (unless the URL for that link is on the excluded list), basically a link on your forum goes from http://www.google.com to http://www.yoursite.com/safelink.php?link=google.com.

  • Supports excluding URLs to be filtered (ie: links to your own site and any custom links you define won't be filtered)

  • Supports forum and usergroup exclusion (new with 1.1!)

  • Compatible with Spoiler BBCode!
Any suggestions/problems/bugs just post in the plugin thread and I'll answer ASAP!
If you like it feel free to +rep me!


Feel free to donate so that I can keep on making and updating these plugins for MyBB!

-Fixed problem with replacing incorrect characters in posts (&)
-1.3.4 -> added Spoiler BBCode compatibility (thanks Nick1307!), also modified names of lang variables slightly
-1.3.3 -> updated for 1.8 compatibility
-1.3.2 -> fixed the safelink logic in plugins/safelink.php (thanks charafweb!)
-1.3.1 -> removed code I accidentally left in the plugin that printed the board url

-Fixed bugs with URL exclusion logic

-Added support for usergroups
-Added support for individual forums
-New language variable added, used when safelink is disabled
Eine neue Version wurde veröffentlicht: MyBB SafeLink 1.3.4

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