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Disposable Email Blacklist
Eine neue Erweiterung wurde veröffentlicht: Disposable Email Blacklist

Zitat:Blocks 7,364 anonymous email providers and known spam email services.

Also modified with even more bad email services and known spam providers.

How to install:
  • Upload disposemail.php to inc/plugins and activate the plugin.
How to update?
  • Upload the plugin, Deactivate then Activate.
Last Notes:
  • D.E.B will update your banned email cache, making these bans effective asap.

  • D.E.B does send a rather large set of queries, it's best to install or uninstall with your board closed for performance reasons obv.

  • It will not remove other banned emails or have any effect on any filters u have in place and will only import its own to your list and remove them from your list on uninstall never touching any other blocks you have in place.

If you have any other suggestions, providers to add or anything else you would like to see added within reason feel free to ask away.
Eine neue Version wurde veröffentlicht: Disposable Email Blacklist 2.0

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