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TrollFace MyCode for MyBB
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Zitat:Hello, guys.

Do you like those troll faces? This is plugin is best for you.


How to Install:

1.) Download and Extract trollface_mycode_by_sidd.zip
2.) Drage trollface folder into your mybb installation folder.
3.) Go to Admin CP and Plugin Menu.
4.) Active the plugin (TrollFace MyCode For MyBB).
5.) Use it and start Trolling your forum.

How to Use it:

Sample Code: [troll size=medium]trolldad[/troll]
Note: This is working example. Do not include quotes around size parameter. Just copy this and change size and troll name.

Available Troll Names:
1. coolface
2. foreveralone
3. ilied
4. fu
5. megusta
6. yaoming
7. trolldad
8. yuno

Available Sizes:
1. large
2. medium
3. small
4. xsmall

ENJOY! And if you like this plugin then please donate on psiddhu92@hotmail.com through PAYPAL, So i can work on more mybb mods.

[Bild: http://mods.mybb.com/uploads/previews/20....thumb.JPG]