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weather for mybb
Eine neue Erweiterung wurde veröffentlicht: weather for mybb

Zitat:/* This plugin is made by sunjava1
* Weather for mybb (MyBB 1.6.x)
* Copyright © 2011 Sunjava1, All Rights Reserved!

* Website: http://www.vubscs.tk
* License:
* "This plugin is offered "as is" with no guarantees.
* You may redistribute it provided the code and credits
* remain intact with no changes. This is not distributed
* under GPL, so you may NOT re-use the code in any other
* module, plugin, or program.

* Free for non-commercial purposes!"
* Thank you, for your understanding!!


1. UPload the weather.php to --------> inc/plugins/


1. Only Add the city name in the ACP>> configuration >> settings >> weather for mybb

2. Don't give a space in name of city, e.g. for New York, Enter, NewYork.


1. Weather for mybb , will show weather on index page.

2. Next two days forecast will also be shown.

3. Thumbnails for the weather conditions (automatically update from weather server)


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