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Close Board on Upgrade
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Zitat:Automatically closes the board when a MyBB forum upgrade or an upgrade to an active plugin becomes available. There are three components to this plugin (each component is optional):

- A plugin that works with the built-in "Check For Updates" features.

- A task that is set to periodically run to check for upgrades to the main forum package.

- A task that is set to periodically run to check for upgrades to installed and activated plugins.

This package also works with my 'Open/Close Board Send E-mail' plugin so you can get an e-mail notification when the board closes due to upgrade availability.

And, of course, full multilingual support.

NOTE: Installation is a bit more involved compared to most plugins. The screenshot doesn't really do this package justice - the closed board text can be configured to say whatever you want to your users.

Works with MyBB 1.4.x and 1.6.x.

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