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Zitat:Vision 2 Theme for MyBB 1.4.4

Created by DougSD
Copyright 2008-2009

English Buttons designed by DougSD

A professional looking darkish blue with a new header and footer layout.

1. Upload the folder "vision" to your ./images directory
2. Import the XML theme file in the Admin CP
3. Set it to what you want it to be (Default, only to select usergroups, etc.)
4. Have fun!

-Header and Footer layout inspired by Justin S.
-All icons from FamFamFam Silk Icon Set: http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/

You may not alter, change, or remove the copyright notice in the footer in any way.
You may not re-distribute or reproduce any part of this theme (including any buttons).

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