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Double Welcome Message
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Zitat:* Plugin Info
- Plugin Name: Double Welcome Message
- Plugin Version: 0.1
- Release Date: June 02, 2008
- Mybb Compatibility: 1.2x
- Author: MyBB Romania
- Copyright: © 2008 MyBB Romania. All rights reserved.
- Website: http://mybbromania.com
- Description: Display two different Welcome Messages in header and footer.
- Price: Always FREE

* Details:
- With this plugin you can have 2 different welcome messages in header and/or footer, for guests and/or members.
- HTML is acceptable in content of your customized welcome messages.
- You can also display a different title for every welcome message.
- When is activated, this plugin will do the following changes:
- New templates created: 2 (you can find them in Global Templates)
> doublewm_theader
> doublewm_tfooter
- Templates edited: 2
> header (will put "$doublewm_header" after "{$bbclosedwarning}")
> footer (will put "$doublewm_footer" after "<hr class="hidden" />")

* Install:
- Upload the "doublewm.php" to your forum root/inc/plugins dir;
- Activate plugin (Double Welcome Message) in AdminCP-->Board Settings-->Plugin Manager

* Settings:
- You can find all settings for this plugin in AdminCP-->Board Settings (Change)-->Double Welcome Message Settings (19 Settings).
- After you activate this plugin from Plugin Manager, must be enabled so go to the Double Welcome Message Settings.

* Uninstall:
- Deactivate plugin (Double Welcome Message) in AdminCP-->Board Settings-->Plugin Manager
- When is deactivated, this plugin will do the following changes:
- Delete templates created: 2
> doublewm_theader
> doublewm_tfooter
- Revert Templates edited: 2
> header (will put "{$bbclosedwarning}" instead "{$bbclosedwarning}$doublewm_header")
> footer (will put "<hr class="hidden" />" instead "<hr class="hidden" />$doublewm_footer")

* Notes:
- I made this plugin inspired by Welcome Message Plugin, created by: Nick Palmer (http://e-xarx.net)
- If you want Welcome Message Plugin visit: http://mods.mybboard.net/view/welcome-me...od-updated
- Double Welcome Message was created because markes01 made a request.
- Visit MyBB Community Forums - http://community.mybboard.net/

You can ask for support or report any bug on this: FORUM !

Thank you,
MyBB Romania

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