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Zitat:This plugin will show a list of recently posted threads by each user on
their profile page. The number of threads shown depends on the number
specified by the administrator in the settings section of the admin cp. If
more threads than the limit have been posted by the user, then a link is
also displayed on the profile page allowing users to view a full list of
all the threads posted by that particular user.

Version 1.5 of this mod has been converted to use the new plugins system
in MyBB, meaning that no code modifications are needed in order to use this
plugin. Instead, simply upload the files as instructed in the included
Install.txt file and then activate the plugin from the plugin manager in
the admin cp.

Version 1.6 of this plugin works fully with the MyBB 1.2.x series.
Additionally, the plugin now integrates with the MyBB language system,
allowing it to be easily translated into multiple languages.

Version 1.6.1 fixes the "Send %1$s a private message" bug.