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Quick Quote
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Zitat:Quickly quote a previous post into the Quick Reply panel.
============================================Info:============================================Mod Name: Quick Quote-> Quickly quote a previous post into the Quick Reply panel.Author: Smethead (smethead@msgplus.net)Version: 1.1 (December 15th, 2005)Website: http://www.smethead.tkWorks on: MyBB 1.0 (December 9th, 2005)============================================Included Files:============================================QQUOTE_1_1.zip╠═dutch-nederlands║ ╚═postbit_qquote.gif╠═english║ ╚═postbit_qquote.gif╠═finnish-suomenkieli║ ╚═postbit_qquote.gif╠═french-français║ ╚═postbit_qquote.gif╠═german-deutsch║ ╚═postbit_qquote.gif╠═italian-italiano║ ╚═postbit_qquote.gif╠═spanish-español║ ╚═postbit_qquote.gif╠═qquote.php╚═README.txt=============================================Features:============================================â?¢Adds a button next to the Quote button and allows you to quote a selection from the post of a previous poster.â?¢If you don't select anything, the whole post will be quoted if you press the "Q.Quote button".â?¢The quote will be shown immediatly in the Quick Reply box.â?¢Buttons available in Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian and Spanish============================================Changelog:============================================1.1: UPD: Updated to work with MyBB 1.0 Final (December 9th, 2005).

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