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Zitat:Autor: Sergio Montoya
Compatibility: 1.4/1.6

I developed this plugin to hide text, links and attachments from posts until the user makes a post on the thread.

This plugin can be setup to only hide one of the 3 options, also usergroups and forums can be excluded from the effects of this plugin.

If the user makes the first post via quick reply where this plugin is taking effect, the thread will be refreshed automatically.

To hide text simply enclose using the lock bbcode.

Installation instructions:

  1. Unzip the file.
  2. Upload all the files to the server, which are:
    • inc/plugins/hideUntilPost.php
    • inc/languages/english/hideUntilPost.php (English messages)
    • inc/languages/espanol/hideUntilPost.php (Mensajes en español)

  3. Install and activate from the AdminCP.
  4. Set it up. By default, all the options are disabled in this plugin options. So, enable the ones you want.

Change the layout of the error box:
To change it, go to the AdminCP => Templates => Global Templates => HideUntilPost_box.


PD: For support in spanish, go [here]