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Movie Details Inserter Plugin
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Zitat:Movie Details Inserter Plugin
The Movie Details Inserter plugin automatically fetches and inserts detailed movie information into your posts on MyBB forums using the TMDb (The Movie Database) API. Simply use the
BBCode with a movie's TMDb ID, and the plugin will insert the movie's poster, title, main cast, storyline, and screenshots directly into your post. Perfect for movie discussions and reviews!
  • Automatic Movie Details Fetching: Inserts movie posters, titles, main cast, storylines, and screenshots.

  • Easy to Use: Use
    BBCode to display details.

  • Customizable: Control the TMDb API key through the MyBB settings.
How to Install

  1. Download and Extract
    • Download the plugin files.

    • Extract them to your MyBB

  2. Install the Plugin
    • Go to your MyBB Admin Control Panel.

    • Navigate to Plugins.

    • Find Movie Details Inserter and click Install & Activate.

  3. Configure the Plugin
    • Go to Configuration > Settings > Movie Details Inserter Settings.

    • Enter your TMDb API key in the provided field.
How to Use

  1. Add Movie Details
    • In your forum post, use the BBCode
      with the TMDb ID of the movie:
      Copy code
    • This will be replaced with the movie’s details, including the poster, title, main actors, storyline, and screenshots.

For support, visit our website or our support forum.

Technical Details
  • Plugin Version: 1.1

  • Author: Aamir Abdullah

  • Compatibility: MyBB 1.8.x

  • License: GPL-3.0
Code Snippet
Here’s a snippet to see how it works:
Copy code
This will fetch and display details for "The Shawshank Redemption."
  • 1.1: Added support for displaying main actors and screenshots.

  • 1.0: Initial release with basic movie details insertion.

Screenshot Demo

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