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OP Can Close Thread
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Zitat:This plugin allows the authors of threads - original posters (OPs) - to close and reopen their own threads in forums stipulated in the plugin's ACP settings if they are members of the usergroup(s) also stipulated in those settings. Thread authors do not need to be moderators in order to close/reopen their own threads in those forums, just a member of the stipulated usergroup(s), however, they may not reopen any of their own threads which were closed by a moderator.

A thread prefix can also be set to auto-apply to any thread closed by its author.

Installation is as usual: extract files, recursively copy files in
into your board's root directory, then install+activate via the ACP's Plugins page.

For upgrading instructions, please consult the supplied README.md. There are some important notes in it regarding the order of steps and workarounds for issues that may occur.

Note: requires patches to core files which are automatically applied on installation, and automatically reverted on uninstallation.

This plugin was split out of the Bump Absorber plugin given its distinct functionality. That plugin was written for a fee for @andrewjs18, who requested that it then be open sourced.
Eine neue Version wurde veröffentlicht: OP Can Close Thread 1.1.1
Eine neue Version wurde veröffentlicht: OP Can Close Thread 1.2.1
Eine neue Version wurde veröffentlicht: OP Can Close Thread 1.3.0

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