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Global Moderators
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Zitat:Name: Global Moderators
Description: Apply moderator permissions globally to all forums
Website: https://github.com/MattRogowski/Global-Moderators
Author: Matt Rogowski
Authorsite: https://matt.rogow.ski
Version: 1.0.0
Compatibility: 1.8.x
Files: 3
Database changes: 1 new table

To Install:
Upload ./inc/plugins/globalmoderators.php to ./inc/plugins/
Upload ./admin/modules/user/globalmoderators.php to ./admin/modules/user/
Upload ./inc/languages/english/admin/user_globalmoderators.lang.php to ./inc/languages/english/admin/
Go to ACP > Plugins > Install and Activate
Go to ACP > Users & Groups > Global Moderators.

This plugin will allow you to give users or usergroups moderator permissions globally in all forums.

This differs from super moderators, who have full moderator permissions in all forums - instead, this plugin lets you add more specific permissions, replicating the default forum moderator functionality, but lets you apply globally, to save having to apply the same permissions to every forum.

Change Log:
29/12/16 - v0.0.1 -> Initial beta release.
28/01/17 - v0.0.1 -> v1.0.0 -> Fixed a bug with text not appearing when using PHP 7. Fixed a bug with some permissions not being applied correctly. To upgrade, reupload ./inc/plugins/globalmoderators.php, ./admin/modules/user/globalmoderators.php and ./inc/languages/english/admin/user_globalmoderators.lang.php.
Eine neue Version wurde veröffentlicht: Global Moderators 1.0.0

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