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The Flash - Bot - 14.03.2017

Eine neue Erweiterung wurde veröffentlicht: The Flash

Zitat:The Flash is one of my first MyBB themes.

  • New header/navigation with responsive touch.

  • Forums in columns.

  • Sub-Forums in a drop-down style.

  • Statistics in side-bar.

  • Logo image in the centre of the theme.

  • Round avatars on postbit.

  • Font Awesome icons for Forums.

  • Classic postbit recommended.

  • New welcome back area 

  • Footer restyled and updated

  • Multiple quotes now go into a spoiler

All credits must be left on this theme and direct to MyBB and My own MyBB account.
Customize as you wish but do not claim ownership of this theme.

Support will be granted primarily on our Forums - link.
You can view the changelog on our Forums - link

The official github project - link.