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Image Downloader - Bot - 24.07.2014

Eine neue Erweiterung wurde veröffentlicht: Image Downloader


The plugin allows moderators to download inline/hotlinked/embedded images to local server. A tool to preserve valuable threads and helpful for those who can't afford user image attachments


1- Download all images of selected posts contained within [IMG] tag
2- Download plain image URL
3- Support download resuming
4- Skip already downloaded images of a post
5- Skip image urls within [QUOTE] tag which prevents duplicate image download
6- Replace hotlinked image URL with local URL
7- Active Download progress display
8- Moderator log

Although I have tested it for all possible senarios however I would appreciate your input/bug reports or suggestions for any future updates


Screen Shots

Detailed Download Progress

Local Download Path

Inline Moderation Tool
[Bild: Moderation Tool.thumb.JPG]

If Script execution times out then click this image after that refresh page (donot hit back button) you will be asked by browser to resend data click OK to resume downloading where you left.The limit is set to 10 minutes

Moderator Log