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Group Rank 1.1 - Bot - 01.05.2011

Eine neue Erweiterung wurde veröffentlicht: Group Rank 1.1

Zitat:What is GroupRanks?

GroupRank 1.1 is a set of images for groups which will help you show you user Rank. This resolution of these images are 1w0x30 so that you can easily put them as your group images. This is first animated group rank release, non animated version will soon be available on yuvapix.

GroupRank 1.0 is the first release,now the rank images are available in 7 colors i.e Red,Blue,Yellow,Green,Orange,Violet & Sky Blue. The rank images has a glossy effect.

GroupRank 1.1 is the second release,now the rank images are available in few attractive colors, the example colors you can see in screenshot.

License is attached with the Group Rank 1.1 Package.

Important Notice:
I used to release Group Rank for my old website but from now all the Group Ranks will be released in and all the Group Ranks are sole property of
PSD will soon be available in

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