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WoW Item Links - Bot - 15.02.2009

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Zitat:This plugin allows posts to contain MyCode that will automatically query and link to World of Warcraft items, complete with mouseover tooltips. Posts may specify items by item # or name and they will be transformed into links that are properly formatted and coloured.

I wrote this plugin because there was none that worked with Wowhead without manually having to look up the item URL and format the link in a post. I wanted a simple way to just insert a link without needing to do anything but type out the name.

Currently the plugin itself is English-only, but the plugin can be modified to query in a localized language so that you can have Russian item links and tooltips if you desire.

Default MyCode tags are [item] and [wowitem] and the item can be specified by name or by item #.

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RE: WoW Item Links - Bot - 24.04.2013

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RE: WoW Item Links - Hideakí - 02.04.2017