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Zitat:BootBB is compatible with MyBB 1.8. This theme uses Bootstrap 3 framework and Fork-Awesome Icons and has the following features:
  • Responsive Layout / Compatible with Mobile Devices

  • Completely Tableless

  • 12 Color Schemes

  • Boardstats with Countup jQuery plugin

Demo of the theme: dev forum, android forum. Color schemes can be changed in the footer.

If you use too old version of MyBB (1.8.27 or below), the latest version of the theme may not be compatible with your MyBB. In this case, contact me on the theme support thread and I will send you the matching theme version.

BootBB was originally created by Anurag M. I was maintaining it for the last couple years, and because it was removed by its creator, I am re-uploading it here so that anyone who uses the theme can continue to receive updates.