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Zitat:Elegant dark / light theme for MyBB. General theme template.
Layout design made by ARISovsky
This theme is an edit of Unikat Light Theme made by Kaya.

Additional information:
It is my first ever theme made for MyBB so theme might be bugged. It might be not finished in some places.

Release: 21.12.2022
Author: Letaryat
Layout Author: ARISovsky
Last update: 21.12.2022
Version: 1.0
MyBB Versions: 1.8.x
Tested on MyBB: 1.8.32
License: GPLv3
Language: Polish / English (Hardcoded text)


Resources used:
- Font awesome -
- Google fonts (mainly Montserrat) -
- W3Schools -
- New DVZ look by Tomik -
- Clipboard.js -
- Balloon.css -

Required Plugins:
- Last Poster Avatar,
- Communicator,
- Newest User,

Plugin supported:
- DVZ Shoutbox,
- Servers board,
- Top Stats,
- Communicator,
- Newest User,
- New Theme functions
- Hovercards,
- SIN - Online Today,
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