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Zitat:Verification Badges for MyBB
Foster a safe community with verification badges.


- Modern icon.
- Easy to install.
- Information on hover.
- Displays emoji if checkmark fails to load.
- Well documented.

Getting Started
This will take less than 15 minutes unless you have a 12-year-old computer.

1. Download the .ZIP file.
2. Create a temporary directory in the installation root
3. Place the .ZIP file into the temporary directory
4. Unzip the file
5. Move the contents in the UPLOAD folder into your root directory.
6. Delete the temporary directory.

1. Head to your myBB Admin CP.
2. Click on the Users & Groups tab.
3. Click the Options button next to your user group of choice.
4. Click on the Edit Group button from the context menu.
5. Paste the following in the Username Style field (replacing path/to/mybb with your installation directory:

{username} <img title="Verified user" alt="✔" height="10px" width="10px" src="https://path/to/mybb/images/verified_icon.png">
6. Hit Save User Group

For all support inquiries, please post issues on the project GitHub page.