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Zitat:This plugin displays an average rating of the user's threads in their profile. This can be useful for communities that require a way to keep track of the "average quality" of a user's content and posts. We've made this highly configurable and have included several settings for your convenience. 

  - Shows an average rating (and the total count of rated threads) in user profiles. 
  - Configure which usergroups allow average ratings to be calculated. 
  - Configure which usergroups can view average ratings. 
  - Configure a minimum threshold rating count before ratings are calculated. 
  - Configure which boards are included in the calculation. 

Many thanks to Sawedoff, tc4me, Omar. G, and Eldenroot for feedback, contributions, and testing! 

Github Link:

Many thanks to Jonny (tc4me) from for translating this plugin to German! This translation is already included in the Github version of this plugin. You may also download the translation separately from the translation tab on this page.