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Zitat:This is not a separate theme, and the only difference from the Default MyBB theme is that you will get dark background colors with white text. It uses the same templates as the Default theme.


1. Open your MyBB Admin Control Panel
2. Go to the "Templates & Style" tab
3. Click on your Default theme

4. Scroll down to the window "Manage Colors" and at the end of the list add this line:


(you can use some other name instead of dark)
5. Click "Save theme properties"
4. Click "Add Stylesheet" tab

File Name: color_dark.css
Specific color: Dark
Write my own content: Paste here the contents of the color_dark.css that you downloaded

5. Click "Save Stylesheet"
6. Now in your theme properties you can go to Base color and set Dark and Click Save. But if you prefer to not change your main theme, but create a second theme, then follow next steps.

7. Go to the "Templates & Style" tab
8. Click "Create New Theme"
9. For "Parent theme" choose your Default theme
10. For Base Color choose Dark
11. Save

Additionally you may want to also make the text editor also dark. Follow this link: