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Zitat:AboutThis plugin let you host your uploaded attachments on multiple file hosting websites via, and after some time the uploaded attachments are removed from your server saving your server space
Before installing this plugin please take a full backup of your site.

Installing Plugins

1. Upload the files on your server root. (Plugin files are there in 'inc' Folder )
2.  Get the API key from your user account from
3. Fill the API key and other required info.
4. Make sure you fill the sites in format like this "zp,ol,vt" excluding quotes. Prefix of supported sites are given below. Also if you see Cannot upload or No login Issues then make sure you had filled your login in MyAccount page (

virustotal (vt) (mz) (dh) (hi) (tb) (gp) (le) (d3) (ul) (wy) (dr) (ra) (4s) (1f) (pc) (ur) (ks) (a2)
ge-tt (gt) (ol) (mf) (ue) (ff) (df) (f2) (tf) (se)  replaced with (b2) (sw) (rh) (so) (zp) (ss) (lt)
Added new : (xu) and (dw)
Sites that require account (Guest Upload will fail here)

Sites that doesn't require account

Found any bug or got any questions, contact us!