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These team icons are aimed at gamers and have a slight blue/turquoise hint to it. Good for any background.
19 images
Size of images: 100x25 px
Type: png
Colors: dark
PSD included? No
Font: Myriad Pro

To install our image rank pack, simply follow these easy steps!

1. Upload the rank pack to your web server. I use this:  ""

2. Log into your ACP
3. Select "Users & Groups"
4. Select "Groups" on the left
5. Click on group you want to edit
6. Edit the "Group Image" to reflect where you uploaded the pack
7. some cases you will need to hit F5 and refresh to see changes.

We do not offer psd's with our free releases.
If you wish to purchase any of our psd files, it will be a $2.00 charge.

Visit us at for all your support questions or purchasing information !
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