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Zitat:Tired of banning users only for them to make a new account? IP bans are also not keeping the trolls and undesirable users away? Miserable Users is a simple but lethal plugin that acts as an inhumane alternative to banning a user. This plugin gives an illusion of server difficulties (among other things) to specific usergroups or users. (Inspired by Paul M. from vB)

When classed as miserable user, a member suffers through the following each time they request a page on your forum:

1. Slow response (time delay) on every page (20 to 60 seconds default).
2. A chance they will get the "server busy" message (50% by default).
3. A chance that no search facilities will be available (75% by default).
4. A chance they will get redirected to another preset page (25% & homepage by default).
5. A chance they will simply get a blank page (25% by default).

If they luckily make it past all of this, then they will be served up their requested page.