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Zitat:[Bild:] Preface/About
A few months ago, I started using Cloudflare for the forum I run. The improvements to site speed were pretty impressive, but I noticed that since Cloudflare was essentially a reverse proxy, user IPs were showing up as the reverse proxy IPs which rendered protection and bans useless.
That's when I started looking for how to fix this issue, and I arrived at a rather simple answer: develop a plugin to set the forwarded header as the user IP. (I've since personally switched to a server-side configuration block, but have kept the core functionality intact).
A short while later, another problem arose, namely that my fellow Administrators were unable to test changes to code (CSS/JS) unless Cloudflare development mode was on, and were also unable to see information about the bandwidth used etc... so I implemented quite a bit more.
The plugin stands today at ~400 lines of code, and since we are switching over to another forum (IP.Board) I have decided to release the plugin (and thereby the source-code, under a modified ISC License) to anyone who may be interested.

I am not dropping development of this project, and if features are requested I will strive to implement them. I believe I am long overdue to implement some of the newer settings (IPv6 and the like), and so those will come at some point in the near future. Support will also be provided.
(I know that there is a similar project currently available, arguably better. This was created before then, and has been in use on my forum since earlier this year).

Donations are welcome, and will provide a better incentive to build bigger/better/more plugins.

  • Allows remote control of Cloudflare Site settings (Cache, Traffic).
  • Displays statistics from Cloudflare (Time, Cache, Traffic, Bandwidth).
  • Automatically fetches Cloudflare Zone ID.
  • Fixes user-IPs.


Installation & Configuration
The entire project is available either from here, or in my GitHub repo, bleeding-edge style:

Installation of the plugin is relatively simple (although REQUIRES a Cloudflare account, and for your domain to be handled by it):

  1. Upload the Cloudflare.php to your inc/plugins/ directory.
  2. Install & Activate the plugin under the Administrator Control Panel.
  3. Configure API Key, Email Address and Domain Name in Plugin Settings.
  4. Start using under Tools->Cloudflare Management.
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