Help Center

Help Center is a powerful and efficient help center for MyBB.
Version: 1.7
Autor: vintagedaddyo
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Hochgeladen: 27.11.2016
Letzte Aktualisierung: 26.03.2018
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Kompatibilität: MyBB 1.8.x
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Help Center
Adds a powerful help center (ticketing system) to MyBB.
Author: Diogo Parrinha
Submitted: 14th August 2010
Last Updated: 22nd August 2010

* Updated to Plugin version 1.6 for MyBB 1.8.x

by:  Vintagedaddyo

 * 1.6

- Fixed a few minor issues.
- Updated version to work with 1.8.x
- Added Menu Manager Help Center Edition to add Menu Item in Forum Toplinks

* Updated to 1.7 for MyBB 1.8.x

by:  Vintagedaddyo

- Fixed issues where in the previous version it could only be installed by disabling MySQL strict mode
- Minor changes to the frontend to improve user navigation

* further localization support for "help center" **

- english
- englishgb
- espanol

will add french and italiano when I complete them

**Still need to localize the help center menu manager


Help Center is a powerful and efficient help center for MyBB.

Managers can:
  • Browse opened and closed tickets
  • View tickets
  • Close tickets
  • Open tickets
  • View the support team (shows the list of groups that are managers and its members)
  • Create/Edit help documents
  • View help documents
  • Reply to tickets and delete replies
  • Delete tickets

Those with access to the admin panel can:
  • Create priorities
  • Create help categories
  • Create ticket categories
  • Change the settings if they want to disable or enable something

Regular users can:
  • Browse opened and closed tickets
  • View my opened and closed tickets
  • Reply to my own tickets
  • be PM'd when someone replies to a ticket
  • View help documents

there is a setting that makes it to send an email to a certain email address whenever a new ticket is submitted.
If this setting is enabled, the user is also requested to enter an email in case the support team wants to give further assistance through email.

Note: the screenshots are from v1.0 and a lot of things have changed since then.

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