MyBB Ad Rotator

Randomly rotate ads or messages in the header and/or footer of forum
Version: 1.1
Autor: vintagedaddyo
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Hochgeladen: 06.12.2016
Letzte Aktualisierung: 08.12.2018
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Kompatibilität: MyBB 1.8.x
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MyBB Ad Rotator
Randomly rotate ads or messages in the header and/or footer of forum
Author: jimmypena
Submitted: 7th February 2013

This plugin randomly inserts the HTML of your choice into the header or footer of your forum. You can use this plugin to show random ads or messages to unknown visitors, regulars, or both. Ads are selected at random.

Inspired by Who Sees Ads from Ozh (


Suppose you have three affiliate links you want to show randomly in the header to unregistered visitors. Enter them in the header code box, separated by the delimiter you entered in the plugin settings page:

<a href="">Click Here For Our Specials</a>
**** ROTATE ****
<a href="">Click Here For a Cool Deal</a>
**** ROTATE ****
<a href="">Learn more about our website</a>

Select "Guests" under "Who do you want to see header ads". The plugin chooses a link at random and includes it in the header whenever someone in the "Guests" usergroup visits your forum.


* Updated to version 1.0 for MyBB 1.8.x usage by Vintagedaddyo

Updated to 1.1

*minor code changes to fix install errors

* further localization support:

- english
- englishgb
- espanol
- french
- italiano

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