AdXchanger is a fully automated traffic exchange that doubles the amount of visitors coming to your forum.
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AdXchanger is a fully automated traffic exchange that allows forum owners to instantly double the amount of traffic coming to their forum. Start getting more visitors today!

AdXchanger is a very simple system to use. For each visitor you send to us, we’ll send a new visitor to your forum. For example, if you send us 500 visitors, then we will send you 500 visitors. And of course, we provide you with everything you need to fully automate the process of sending traffic.

We exchange tens of millions of visitors on a daily basis. In the sections below, we’ll clearly explain why people choose to use us and the most common types of people who use our service. Don’t forget, AdXchanger is 100% free!

How do we double your traffic? It’s easy! Let’s pretend that you get 10,000 visitors on a daily basis. Our plugin will cause each of those visitors to get a popup when they visit your website. For each visitor that gets the popup, we’ll send a visitor to your forum. So, if each of your 10,000 visitors gets a popup, then we’ll send you 10,000 new visitors – which doubles your traffic.

Our system fully cooperates with ad-blocking software and plugins. We do not attempt to obfuscate our code in any way. This means that if someone is using an ad blocker, they won’t see our popups on your forum. We did this because a majority of forum owners don’t want to annoy their visitors, especially if those visitors obviously hate ads.

You do not need an account to use our service. We do not store any information about visitors.

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