Little Baby DDoS Shield

Little baby is based on TweetyCoaster's Little Baby DDoS Shield scritpt . I developed this as myBB plugin
Version: v0.1
Autor: TheMoss
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Hochgeladen: 07.04.2014
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Kompatibilität: MyBB 1.6.x
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Little Baby DDoS Shield plugin is based on TweetyCoaster's Little Babay DDoS Shield php script.

How it works

Little Baby DoS Shield work on a concept of different accessing time by human visitor and bot attacker.
You can set it up minimum average time between one visitor visits and maximum visits in minimum time.
That is main point of this code. No human visitors may never visit 90 times during 30 seconds.
But bot visitors can visit more than that. :-)
When some bot trip our trigger of time trap, our shied a error 503 header to their request
and display human readable warning message. If bot was gone shield will automatically remove.
And it will send Alert mesages to site admin as ur setup in source code.
We record attacker's IP in a Log file under Log folder.
We use different error message with PHP brute force detector's 200 message.
We want close connection from current attack and prevent large amount of CPU usage and Traffic flooding.

This program based on a PHP timer code which we collected from web
written by who-we-don't-remember-name. Special thanks to him/her from here !!!

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