Majestic is a beautiful blue and green theme that can be used on any type of forum.
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Hochgeladen: 21.09.2009
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Kompatibilität: MyBB 1.4.x
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Majestic is a beautiful blue and green theme that can be use on any MyBB forum. Since it leaves many of the MyBB default templates unchanged, it can be modified to suit your needs. And if you want me to make a custom postbit button, graphic, or anything, please use the links above to pm me or post in the Majestic thread.

Upload the Majestic folder and its contents into the images directory of your forum.
Go into your Admin CP and click on the Templates and Style tab at the top.
Click on the Import a Theme sub-tab and browse to where you saved the Majestic-theme.xml file.
Click on the Import Theme button to complete the installation.
To make Majestic the default theme, go to the Themes sub-tab and click on the green arrow.


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